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Introducing an exceptional 1:1 scale replica of one of the most popular shotguns used by civilians, police, and military personnel. This remarkable replica is expertly crafted by CYMA exclusively for the airsoft market, offering an immersive shooting experience that closely mimics the original shotgun's performance.
As with other renowned CYMA replicas, this shotgun features a reliable pump action system powered by a robust spring mechanism. The pump action ensures smooth and consistent performance, allowing you to dominate the airsoft field with ease.
One standout feature is that each replica comes with a unique serial number, making your airsoft shotgun truly distinctive and adding a touch of authenticity to your collection.
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The CYMA shotgun is available in two distinct categories to cater to different preferences:
Low-budget version: Crafted with durable ABS construction for the stock, receiver, fore end, action bar, and tubular magazine. This version provides an affordable option without compromising functionality and reliability.
Realism version: Designed with full metal components, including the receiver, cross bolt safety, trigger, trigger guard, magazine loading port, barrel, action bar, and tubular magazine. This version is ideal for players seeking an authentic and realistic shooting experience.
Both versions feature a remarkable capability - the ability to shoot three BBs simultaneously with each shot, enhancing your accuracy and increasing the intensity of your airsoft battles.
In the set, you will find the following essential components to enhance your airsoft experience:
Three shotshell-type magazines, each capable of holding 30 BBs, providing you with an ample supply of ammunition during intense skirmishes.
A convenient speed loader, making it easy to reload your shotgun quickly and efficiently, ensuring you stay in the game and on top of your opponents.
Whether you opt for the low-budget ABS version or the realistic full metal version, this CYMA shotgun replica guarantees to impress airsoft enthusiasts of all levels. With its attention to detail and exceptional performance, this replica is ready to accompany you on thrilling airsoft adventures, ensuring you stand out on the field as a force to be reckoned with.

CM.357AM Full Metal - Black [CYMA]

SKU: FB3589

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