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CM.103 PLATINUM is an advanced replica of an Israeli-American assault rifle, equipped with an aluminum bolt carrier. This model offers various fire modes, including SAFE/SEMI/AUTO, ensuring full tactical capabilities in combat situations. However, that's not all that sets this replica apart. CM.103 PLATINUM is also characterized by impressive rate of fire, which is a key feature for effective battlefield control. It's a unique weapon that stands out not only for its high rate of fire but also for its enhanced ergonomics and handling compared to standard AK-type rifles. CM.103 PLATINUM is the result of a successful collaboration between the esteemed manufacturer CYMA and our store, . Our dedicated partnership has led to the creation of this exceptional replica, the quality and precision of which will meet even the most demanding airsoft enthusiasts' expectations.

- 16-Inch Aluminum Barrel: Equipped with an external aluminum barrel measuring 16 inches and a precise 6.03mm inner barrel, allowing for better shot accuracy.
- Polymer Stock with Picatinny Rails: The replica features a polymer stock with Picatinny rails, enabling the attachment of various tactical accessories such as flashlights or optics.
- Aluminum Bolt Carrier with Picatinny Rail: The bolt carrier has been extended and made of aluminum, enabling the mounting of optics, lasers, or night vision devices on an additional Picatinny rail.
- 5-Position Folding Stock: Equipped with an adjustable cheek rest, allowing you to customize the stock length to your preferences.
- Ambidextrous Fire Mode Selector: The model features an ambidextrous AR15-style fire mode selector, making it easier to operate the weapon in various situations.
- Ambidextrous Charging Handle and Magazine Release: Ergonomic solutions that enhance ease of use.
- Ergonomic Polymer Pistol Grip: Provides a secure grip and comfortable handling.
- Set of Folding Polymer Sights: The package includes sights that can be easily adjusted to your needs.
- Polymer Magazine: The 7.62x39-sized magazine features visible dummy rounds in the window, adding authenticity.
- Aluminum Mock Suppressor: Gives the weapon a unique appearance.
- Front and Rear Sling Swivel: Facilitates carrying the weapon during gameplay.

PLATINUM-Level Performance:
CM.103 offers a muzzle velocity of approximately 320 fps, with adjustability. When combined with a LiPo battery, you can achieve a rate of fire of approximately 25 shots per second (rps), which also leads to faster trigger response. This result has been achieved through changes in the mechanism, including the use of high-strength parts such as:
- Hybrid Gearbox with Quick Spring Change Capability
- Electronic Control Unit with a MOSFET
- Full Steel Teeth Piston
- 13:1 Ratio Steel Gears on 8mm Ball Bearings
- Aluminum "Silent" Cylinder Head

# What Does High Rate of Fire Offer?
- Fast Trigger Response: High rate of fire allows for rapid firing. This is a crucial feature in dynamic and intense situations on the battlefield. You can be sure that your rifle responds immediately to your commands.
- Advantage Over Opponents: The rate of fire of CM.103 gives you an advantage over opponents. It allows you to control the battlefield and gain a tactical edge. Regardless of the situation, you'll be able to maintain intense firepower and keep control of the game.

CM.103 PLATINUM is not only a technically advanced replica but also a weapon that will allow you to dominate the battlefield with its impressive rate of fire. Choose it to experience unparalleled power and flexibility in any scenario.

CM.103 AK assault rifle replica [CYMA]

SKU: FB4111

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