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The Sniper rifle SVDS (Full name in Russian Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova Skladnaya). This is a compact version of the standard SVD rifle, which has been designed in the early 1990s for the purpose of airborne Russian units. It was developed with a right-folded tubular metal stock, which has been equipped with a shoulder pad and fixed cheek rest. The user cannot provide fire when the stock was folded. It comes with a pistol grip and a conical flash hider. A night version has been developed too, under the denomination SVDSN.
# A Solid and ergonomic design
After very good opinions about SVD from Cyma we are glad to present the SVDS CM.057S made by the famous Chinese manufacturer CYMA. It is a very well-made AEG SVD that looks almost like the original. All used materials to build this sniper rifle are very high quality. The rifle is made from aluminum and steel. The SVD is equipped with a polymer handguard which has a compartment for [batteries](, this AEG rifle is provided with a metal folding stock, which gives a level of versatility to this rifle allowing it to be more easily transported and carried on the fields. The lower and the upper of the rifle is made of metal, completed with a unique serial number, on the left side you will be able to find a rail that will allow you to attach a [PSO-1 scope]or dedicated [mount]for optics.
# A dedicated gearbox system
The internal parts are specially designed for this model. Replica mechanism consists:
* specially designed gearbox
* four reinforced steel gears
* reinforced piston with two steel teeth
* reinforced directional piston head
* 7 mm steel bearings
* M100 spring
* spring guide with bearing
# Set include:
* CM.057s SVD airosft rifle
* hi-cap magazine
* 8,4V NiMH 1200 mAh battery
* battery charger

CM.057S SVDS Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle [CYMA]

SKU: FB3361

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