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CM.052S [CM] is next version of well known replica of RPK (model CM.052) but with folding stock. We are first company in the world that have this replica on stock. We reconstructed original stock hinge to be able to put it into replica. This is the reason why replica look almost same as original RPK-S.
This machine gun is made from high quality metal, wood and polymer (same is used in real gun production). Replica` body is made from steel. Parts that are also made from steel: flash hider, gas tube, bolt cover and bipod. Stock and front grip are made from wood. Pistol grip is made from polymer.
All external parts are connected together like in real firearm. Also the internal parts are made with high precision. Internal barrel mounted into replica have 500 mm but there easily can be mounted longer one without modification - even 640 mm. Parts that consist inside mechanism:
* reinforced v.3 gearbox
* reinforced steel gears
* reinforced piston
* reinforced directional piston head
* 7 mm steel bearings
* M125 spring
* spring guide with bearing
Set include:
* replica
* hi cap magazine
* 9,6V NiMH 1200 mAh battery
* battery charger

CM.052S [CYMA]

SKU: FB3246

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