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CM.045 is an emulation of the Russian AKS74U carbine. This fresh lineup of replicas, including the 040, 045, and 048 models, heralds the next echelon of quality among Chinese manufacturers.

IMPORTANT! The replica boasts a distinct serial number!

The body, flash hider, top cover, and the collapsible stock are all forged from steel (bent sheet). Likewise, the other components such as the outer barrel, gas block, base rear sight, and side rail are also composed of metal (ZnAl).
The handguard, pistol grip, and magazine are crafted from nylon.
The stock latch, a vulnerable part prone to breakage, has been fashioned from steel, effectively rectifying the issue seen in DBKi's RK models.
Every part is securely mounted on pins, akin to a genuine AK.

Each rifle is capable of 320 fps, enabling effective engagement at medium ranges.
The interior houses a fortified ver.3 gearbox, with steel gears affixed to reinforced 7mm bearings.
The spring guide, bolstered by metal reinforcement and a bearing, facilitates smoother spring operation—120m/s spring, propelling shots at approximately 320 FPS.
The polymer piston features metal teeth, while the cylinder—designated as "type 1"—is coated in black nickel "SMOKED" layered over a copper substrate, endowing the surface with unparalleled smoothness.
A noteworthy advantage is the noiseless piston and cylinder head assembly, constructed from aluminum and coated with a blue anodized finish—the piston head even boasts a bearing.
The replica houses a potent motor with augmented torque, complemented by neodymium magnets.
The gearbox's operational mechanics will astonish users.
A pivotal point to underscore is that all accessories from alternate brands seamlessly align with this model, thus significantly impacting the replica's durability, potential upgrades, and overall performance.

It merits highlighting that this model maintains full compatibility with all components and accessories from other manufacturers—a pivotal consideration when contemplating enhancements.

Set Included:

* CM.045
* accumulator stick 8,4V 1200 mAh
* charger
* magazine hi-cap 500rd


SKU: FB2759

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