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Introducing the CM.040C [CM] Replica: Unleashing Quality and Performance

The CM.040C [CM] replica is a faithful representation of the AK74S weapon, marking a new era of quality for Chinese manufacturers in the airsoft industry.

Please note that each replica in this series features a unique serial number, adding to its authenticity and collectability.

Constructed with precision, the CM.040C [CM] replica showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The barrel, flame suppressor, gas pipe, and breech lid are all made of steel, ensuring durability and authenticity. Additionally, other elements such as the outer barrel, muzzle guard, gas bend, pin-barrel and gas pipe locking mechanism, bed-holder, notch, and sighting devices are made of metal (ZnAl). The stock, pistol grip, and folding flask are crafted from nylon, while the magazine is made of ABS. To eliminate the known weakness in DBoyi RK models, the butt cap is reinforced with steel, enhancing its durability. Furthermore, all parts that are pegged in the AK are faithfully reproduced in this replica.

The excellent workmanship of the external components goes hand in hand with a completely new internal mechanism. The rifle, in our configuration, boasts a firing power of approximately 325 FPS, making it ideal for engagements at medium distances. Inside, a reinforced ver.3 mechanism is utilized, with steel gears set on reinforced 7mm bearings and a type 0 stainless steel cylinder. The polymer piston is equipped with metal teeth, ensuring longevity and reliability. Notably, the replica features a silent set of piston and cylinder heads, constructed from aluminum and coated with blue anodization. The piston head is also bearing-mounted, further enhancing performance. The reinforced spring guide, equipped with bearings, eases the spring's operation. To deliver exceptional power, the replica is fitted with a powerful motor featuring increased torque and neodymium magnets.

We extensively tested the entire mechanism with a 130m/s spring, resulting in an impressive 320 FPS. After firing 30,000 rounds, we examined the mechanism and found minimal signs of wear, demonstrating its outstanding durability.

It is important to note that all parts and accessories from other manufacturers are fully compatible with this model, allowing for easy upgrades and performance improvements. This compatibility is vital when strengthening the replica and optimizing its performance.

Additionally, the replica can accommodate an internal barrel of up to 490mm, providing further customization possibilities.

Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of the CM.040C [CM] replica. With its robust construction, exceptional internal mechanism, and compatibility with various upgrades, this replica is sure to exceed your expectations.


SKU: FB2757