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The CM.028C stands as a faithful reproduction of the iconic AK 47 rifle, enhanced with tactical accessories for versatile use. Derived from the foundation of the CM.028, this replica hails from a Chinese manufacturer renowned for its excellence in the ASG realm.

Attention! This replica boasts a distinct serial number!

Crafted in homage to one of the globe's most renowned rifles, courtesy of a reputable Chinese manufacturer celebrated for its consistency in the ASG industry.

A salient attribute of the CM.028C is its exceptional build quality, setting it not only on par with competitors' offerings but propelling it beyond comparison. Adding to its allure, this model is outfitted with a robust assembly of reinforced steel gears. In stark contrast to other AK47 replicas available, which commonly employ aluminum alloy gears prone to accelerated wear, the CM.028C elevates the experience through its resilient steel components. Moreover, the inclusion of a directional piston head augments the entire mechanism's efficiency, enhancing its operational performance.

Not to be overlooked, the model have a gearbox shell with quick spring replacement system. and delivers a potent force, clocking in at approximately 320fps within its factory setup. This power surge is attributed to the integration of a stronger spring, reaching 100 m/s.
This arrangement generates heightened compression within the springs, translating to greater projectile force. Rigorous testing of this configuration affirmed its reliability, as even after 30,000 rounds fired, the mechanism continued to function seamlessly.

Furthermore, the model's compatibility with an array of parts and accessories from diverse manufacturers is a pivotal advantage. This facet proves particularly pivotal during the planning phase of any enhancements.

In summary, the CM.028C transcends the realm of mere replicas, faithfully recreating the AK 47 while seamlessly incorporating tactical modifications. Its superior craftsmanship, formidable power, and adaptability to customization needs render it an impeccable choice for airsoft aficionados seeking an amalgamation of reliability, longevity, and exceptional quality.

Set Included:
* replica
* accumulator stick 8,4V 1100 mAh
* charger
* magazine hi-cap 500rd
* Handle Grip

CM.028C [CYMA]

SKU: FB2366

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