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The Tan-colored RAL8000 Double Bell817 airsoft carbine is an excellent representation of a 5.56 assault carbine from a renowned German firearms manufacturer, widely used by various special forces units around the globe, including the Polish JWK and JW Grom.

# Renowned Company.

Airsoft Double Bell is a respected Airsoft weapon replica manufacturer based in Asia. They specialize in crafting realistic firearm replicas that are popular within the airsoft community. Double Bell is known for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, resulting in replicas that faithfully replicate the original firearms.

# Modularity and Mobility

Key components such as the bolt chamber, trigger chamber, handguard, external barrel, stock guide, flash hider, gas regulator, ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous bolt catch, charging handle, and stock nut are made from aluminum and lightweight alloys. The entire assembly is precisely fitted and adequately protected against corrosion. The grip and stock are reinforced with high quality polymer.
Carbine 817 is equipped with a Picatinny 22mm rail system on the bolt chamber and handguard, enabling the attachment of various accessories such as [red-dots] [grips] [tactical flashlights], and laser pointers. Ergonomics are ensured through a 6-position adjustable stock, allowing the carbine to be tailored to the user's ergonomics.

# Reliable Mechanism

The 817 replica features a reinforced V2 gearbox with a quick spring change system. Inside, you can find a set of reinforced steel 18:1 gears, mounted on 8mm ball bearings, ensuring smooth operation. The piston features a full-metal tooth and operates within a type 1 piston head.
Compression is provided by a reinforced polymer rotary hop-up chamber.

# The kit includes:
- the airsoft rifle 817
- Folding sight
- Hi-cap 300 BBs magazine

BY-817 11" Assault Rifle Replica - Tan [Double Bell]

SKU: 817S

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