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The latest ASR118 - BOAR Competition 16" SDU2.0 eSilver Edge comes equipped with the advanced Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit, featuring a built-in programmable Mosfet system that works in conjunction with magnet gears, a reinforced piston, a quick-change spring guide, and a micro switch trigger. This combination ensures an instantaneous trigger response when firing.

There are five distinct modes available for selection. To change modes, press and hold the button located beneath the gearbox, accessible from the magazine well of the lower receiver. When activated, a red LED light will illuminate. Keep the button pressed until the light blinks twice, then release the button to confirm the changes. To continue making selections, repeat Step 1.

Mode 1 - Safe - Semi - Auto (default)
Mode 2 - Safe - Semi - 3x Burst
Mode 3 - Safe - 2x Burst - Auto
Mode 4 - Safe - 3x Burst - Auto
Mode 5 - Safe - 3x Burst - 9x Burst
Pressing the button twice or disconnecting the battery at any time enables you to reset the ECU back to its factory settings (Mode 1).

The micro-chip's circuit board is interchangeable, making repairs straightforward and user-friendly. The chip is programmed to safeguard the gearbox in the event of excessive electrical current. The eSilver Edge Gear Box standard is equipped with a full steel teeth piston and an ambidextrous design, which are rare features in the market. The parts are TM-compatible, allowing for future upgrades if desired (except for the piston gear).

The eSilver Edge Gear Box operates optimally within the voltage range of 7.4v to 12.5v - LiPo READY! The current remains stable at <11 Amps across voltages ranging from 7.4V to 12.5V. The low and stable amperage translates to reduced battery drain and increased component lifespan. Based on testing, the switch's response time is an astonishing 0.02 seconds. Coupled with the trigger's short stroke design, this ensures an unbelievably fast response without any noticeable trigger delay when firing.

The gearbox shell is purposefully designed for electric triggers, with reinforced points around the cylinder head and spring guide.

Key Features of the BOAR Competition 16" eSilver Edge:

· Quick Change Spring System
· Polished and Buffed surface for enhanced smoothness
· 8mm Ball Bearings, Bearing Piston Head, and Bearing Spring Guide employed
· TM Compatible Parts (except for the piston gear)
· Corrosion Prevention
· Mirco Trigger Switch for instantaneous trigger response
· The Quick Change Spring Guide features 4 locking legs instead of 2, distinguishing it from existing market spring guides and providing additional spring stability during firing
· Built-in programmable MOSFET to cut power during excessive amperage
· New Hawk flip-up sights and dynamic hand stop
· Metal Body, Gear Box, Butt Stock, and Hand Guard
· Inner barrel size: 6.03mm
· Hi-Cap Magazine: 300 rounds
· Ambidextrous magazine release

ASR118 - BOAR Competition 16" SDU2.0 - Black [APS]

SKU: 2E118