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This is a replica from the latest Arcturus LITE series, featuring upper and lower receivers crafted from durable nylon. The incorporation of nylon for the body has led to a reduction in both weight and cost without compromising on strength, as the socket of the receiver extension tube and the barrel socket with a thread for the handguard fastening ring are reinforced by a metal threaded sleeve.

In this model, the magazine catch, bolt catch, and fire selector are designed to be Ambidextrous. This thoughtful feature makes the replica highly versatile and user-friendly for left-handed individuals. The handguard boasts M-LOCK slots, QD sling attachment points, and a top Picatinny rail for accessory mounting.

The majority of external components, including the handguard, outer barrel, muzzle device, fire selector, magazine catch, ejection cover, bolt catch, and receiver extension tube, are constructed from lightweight aluminum and alloys. An anodized finish has been applied to provide comprehensive corrosion protection.

The gearbox and internal components further enhance the replica's advantages. It incorporates a quick spring change system, ball bearing spring guide, and ball bearing piston head. The polymer piston is fortified with steel teeth to interface seamlessly with high-quality gears. These gears are mounted on 8mm steel bushings, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads. Only the bevel gear is placed on ball bearings to enable smooth rotation at high speeds. The internal setup features an electric trigger "Micro Switch" connected to low-resistance wiring, paving the way for compatibility with Li-Po batteries. This electric trigger design eradicates issues of burnt contacts and heightens trigger responsiveness. The gearbox concludes with a teflon-sealed nozzle and collaborates with a polymer rotary hop-up chamber housing a precision 6.03mm hardened steel barrel.

The meticulous selection of materials and innovative solutions in crafting this replica underscore MOS as one of the leading manufacturers in the airsoft industry.

The set includes:
· 8" AR15 Karambit replica
· folding sights
· variable capacity magazine 30-130

AR15 Lite Karambit AT-NY04 [Arcturus]


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