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he latest addition to the MOS factory lineup is the AR15 -10.5" rifle. The Arcturus AR15 embodies reliability and a timeless design.

Over the years, MOS has accumulated valuable experience, manufacturing components for firearms and catering to the needs of major players in the ASG industry.

Crafted with precision and care, the replica boasts meticulous attention to detail. The classic upper receiver seamlessly interfaces with a lightweight M-LOK handguard.

Attention! Each replica comes with a unique serial number!

A majority of the external components, including the upper and lower receiver, outer barrel, and receiver extension, are constructed from aluminum and lightweight alloys. An anodized finish provides comprehensive protection.

The flame suppressor, fire selector, magazine catch, bolt catch, ejection port cover, and rear suspension plate are forged from robust steel, followed by anti-corrosion treatment.

The gearbox and its interior serve as another testament to this replica's superiority. Equipped with a quick spring change system, the spring guide and piston head are equipped with bearings. A polymer piston with steel teeth engages high-quality gears. These gears operate on slide bearings, engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions. Solely the motor rack utilizes ball bearings, facilitating unhindered rotation at high speeds.

Within the replica lies an electric trigger "Micro Switch" connected to low-resistance wiring, making it compatible with Li-Po batteries. This adoption of an electric trigger mitigates contact wear and enhances trigger response.

The gearbox culminates with a hermetically sealed teflon nozzle. It interfaces with a rotary polymer hop-up chamber, housing a hardened 6.01mm precision steel barrel.

The comprehensive use of top-tier materials and innovative solutions firmly establishes the MOS company as a leader in the industry.

The set includes:
· folding sights
· adjustable polymer stock
· variable capacity magazine 30-130

AR15 CQB AT-AR01-CQ [Arcturus]


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