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Introducing the AK04 Carbine from MOS Factory: Combining Modern Design with Precision Performance

The AK04 Carbine from MOS Factory is a remarkable addition to the AK family, combining a modern aesthetic with exceptional performance. With years of experience in producing items for firearms and the ASG industry's leading companies, MOS has meticulously crafted this replica with accuracy and care.

The lower receiver of the AK04 Carbine is seamlessly connected to a lightweight RIS/M-LOK handguard, offering versatility for accessory attachment. Additionally, this model features an adjustable M4-type stock, allowing for personalized comfort and handling.

Notably, the replica is equipped with a magazine funnel, revolutionizing the magazine exchange process by making it easier and faster than ever before.

Please note that each replica in this series features a unique serial number, adding to its authenticity and collectability.

The majority of external components are made of durable metal, ensuring longevity and a realistic feel. True to the original design, the receiver, receiver cover, safety selector, trigger guard, and magazine latch have been cold-pressed from steel sheets. Similarly, the front and rear bases, muzzle brake, and bolt carrier are also made of metal, mirroring the authentic construction.

The sling plate and counter nuts on the buffer tube are also crafted from metal, providing added strength and stability. These metal elements have been protected against corrosion using industrial methods, guaranteeing a durable finish.

The gearbox and its interior are further advantages of this replica. It features a quick spring change system, and the spring guide and piston head are equipped with bearings. The polymer piston is designed with steel teeth, ensuring compatibility with high-quality gears. These gears are mounted on slide bearings to withstand heavy loads, while the motor rack is mounted on ball bearings to allow for smooth rotation at high speeds.

Inside the replica, you will find an electric trigger with a "Micro Switch" connected to low-resistance wiring, making it compatible with Li-Po batteries. The use of an electric trigger eliminates the issue of burned-out contacts and improves trigger response.

The gearbox is finished with Teflon and a sealed nozzle, providing durability and excellent sliding properties. It requires no additional lubrication. The replica also features a rotary hop-up chamber with a hardened 6.01mm precision steel barrel, ensuring optimal accuracy.

To facilitate maintenance and preserve the gearbox's longevity, a spring tension release has been incorporated next to the trigger. This feature allows for the release of spring tension after use, effectively keeping the gearbox in top shape over time.

With meticulous attention to materials and innovative solutions, MOS has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Experience the AK04 Carbine from MOS Factory and enjoy the perfect blend of modern design and precision performance.

All materials and solutions used to create the replica put the company MOS in the lead.

The set includes:
· variable capacity magazines 30-130

AK Carbine AT-AK04 [Arcturus]