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The PK-A Weaver or Military Fast Acquisition Red Dot Rifle Scope Weaver Version. Is an outstanding red dot scope that is comparable to Western versions.
We have here a airsoft red-dot replica from JJ airsoft. The brand is specialized for production of high quality scope device. This one is perfectly suited for semi and semi-automatic rifle like AK / AKSU. The design, is ideal for use in CQB area, and offer the possibility of faster target aiming. Due to a special construction it offers a wide of 40 degrees vision fields.

This red dot will notably improve target acquisition in low brightness conditions. It has a 1 MOA dot which give a very precise and accurate aiming. Equipped with a 5 step regulation setting. It gives a variable brightness control, allowing you to regulate the luminosity of the
dot manually.
The elevation and windage knobs are easily accessible for adjustment and have clear, pronounced clicks. It can be easily adjust even with gloves. The red-dot comes with accessories including a rubber lens cap.

Airsoft PK-AW Style Russian Red Dot Sight for AK/SKS/SVD [JJ Airsoft]

SKU: JA-5006-BK

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