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The DK9 Weaver Red Dot Rifle Scope Weaver Version. Is an outstanding red dot scope, a perfect modern alternative to mechanical aiming gear.
JJ airsoft is a well know manufacturer of optics The brand is specialized in the production of high-quality scope devices for an affordable price. This time brand offers us a replica of the DK9 weaver red-dot, which can be mounted on the most popular AK series airsoft rifle.

This red dot will notably improve fast target acquisition even in uncomfortable positions, thanks to fast aiming with both eyes using the bright dot. The bright of the aiming dot is controlled discretely by a rotary switch (7 positions).

All these features make the polyvalence of this DK9 is ideal to be used in CQB or outdoor operations.

The elevation and windage knobs are easily accessible for adjustment and have clear pronounced clicks. It can be easily adjusted even with gloves. The red dot comes with accessories including a protection cap.

Airsoft DK-9 Style Russian Red Dot Sight for AK [JJ Airsoft]

SKU: JA-5005-BK

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