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A replica of the Russian combat optic from the PO1x20 "1p76" series, enhancing the accuracy of direct hits on moving and stationary targets.@@@

This is an airsoft replica of a 1p76 optic sight manufactured by JJ Airsoft. The brand specializes in producing high-quality optical sights. This finely replicated sight is suitable for semi-automatic and self-loading rifles such as the AK/AKSU series, as well as machine guns like the PK/PKM, and other models (VAL, VSS, SVD, PP-19, VEPR, SAIGA).

The design is well-suited for use in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) operations as well as longer distances, offering faster target acquisition. It features a special reticle and has a wide 13-degree field of view. Typical of holographic sights, the 1p76 provides excellent optical clarity due to its light-gathering design, especially when compared to most dot sights.

This optics sight is equipped with two turrets, one on top for vertical adjustment (up/down) and one on the right side for horizontal adjustment (right/left). Both adjustments are secured with dedicated caps.

This particular model of holographic sight is produced by the well-known brand JJ Airsoft, which has already proven its achievements in producing high-quality optics at the best price on the market.

Airsoft 1P76 Style Russian Optic Sight for AK/AKSU/PKM [JJ Airsoft]

SKU: JA-5309

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