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Blaster Tracer Unit sound silencer

BTU - Blaster Tracer Unit is yet another silencer from the Taiwanese Acetech brand, constantly expanding its offer of pellet-lighting accessories. The Blaster silencer not only efficiently lights up tracer pellets in green, imitating tracer rounds, but is also equipped with three powerful LED diodes, simulating muzzle flash. Compact size and double thread allow the Blaster Tracer Unit silencer to be used both with larger airsoft assault rifles and airsoft handguns. The Tracer is powered by means of a built-in LiPo battery, charged with a micro-USB cable, included in the set.

Silencer features:

- lights up tracer pellets in green

- eye-catching muzzle flash imitation

- compatible with gel pellets (Gel Blaster)

three modes of operation

- durable and light aluminum body

- 14mm CCW thread + 14mm CCW adapter

IP65-level waterproof

maximum possible rate of fire: 35 RPS

built-in LiPo battery, guaranteeing 2,5 hours of operation when fully charged

energy-saving mode - turns the device off after 40 minutes of inactivity

The Blaster Tracer offers three modes of operation:

- pellet ligting only

- muzzle flash only

- pellet lighting + muzzle flash

The set includes:

- Blaster Tracer Unit silencer

- 11mm CW thread adapter

- micro-USB charging cable

- user manual

Acetech Blaster Tracer Unit sound silencer

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