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An excellently crafted JG replica that emulates a widely recognized assault rifle. The original firearm is employed by elite special forces units including SAS, GROM, Bundeswehr, GOE, Spanish Air Force, and numerous others. It has also gained popularity within the airsoft sports community due to its favorable balance between price and quality. The replica's body is constructed from high-quality ABS, which is not only highly durable but also closely resembles the polymer used in actual firearm manufacturing. All the replica's components fit together seamlessly.

IMPORTANT! The replica is marked with a unique serial number!

Just like the original, the replica is equipped with ambidextrous features, catering to both left and right-handed operators:

Ambidextrous selector lever
Ambidextrous magazine latch
Ambidextrous charging handle
The replica boasts a lengthy picatinny rail on top, allowing for the attachment of various tactical accessories compatible with a 22mm rail. Additionally, there is the option to mount two additional rails on either side of the front grip.

There's an approximately 14mm counterclockwise thread underneath the flash hider, although some silencers may not fit perfectly without modification.

The replica features a gearbox with a quick spring change mechanism.
Changing the spring does not necessitate removing the gearbox from the body.
Please note that altering the spring will void the warranty.

Set include:

* 608-4 replica covered by 12 month warranty
* magazine for 470 BB`s
* NiMH 8,4V 1100 mAh battery
* battery charger

608-4 [J.G.Works]

SKU: 0938

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