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A durable and sturdy telescope, made of metal with a rubber casing to protect against damage. Magnification: x4.5. Open sighting devices, including a front sight and a rear sight, are placed on the upper part of the casing. The crosshair can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. It is typically mounted on an RIS rail.
The original Canadian-made version has gained a lot of followers worldwide. Due to its durability, reliability, and practically indestructible nature, the US military purchases it for the M249 Minimi machine guns and the M240 MAG, which fires a more powerful 7.62mm cartridge. Additionally, it has earned the trust of the armed forces of Canada and the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, it is used by the Royal Marines Commandos and the SAS.

4.5x Gen1 Optical Sight [PCS]

SKU: AO3035-BK

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