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Airsoft Pistol Replica Model 3301 - An excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts and fans of 1911 modifications, also serving as a perfect option for those looking to enhance their firearm handling skills on the airsoft field. This replica not only pays homage to the iconic Hi-Capa model but also impresses with its authenticity.
For airsoft enthusiasts and lovers of 1911 modifications, this replica is a true gem. Its sturdy metal construction, ergonomic polymer grip, double-stack magazine, TM-standard parts, and realistic blowback system make it a popular choice among dynamic AIPSC shooters.
Additionally, this replica features a built-in accessory rail, allowing for the attachment of flashlights and lasers, enhancing its versatility and catering to various shooter needs.
Since its debut on the market, the Airsoft Hi-Capa pistol has earned recognition in the airsoft world, praised for its robust construction and authentic shooting experiences.
Furthermore, for those looking to refine their shooting skills, the Airsoft Hi-Capa pistol replica serves as an excellent training tool. Its operation closely resembles that of a real firearm, enabling users to hone their basic skills and understand the functions of this iconic design.
The Hi-Capa airsoft pistol is not just a replica; it offers the opportunity to engage in realistic gameplay and improve skills while ensuring complete safety on the airsoft field. Therefore, adding it to your airsoft collection or utilizing it for training purposes is highly recommended.
# The package includes:
? Golden Eagle 3301 pistol replica with a unique serial number
? 25-round Green Gas magazine

Hi Capa 3301 pistol replica with Gas Blowback (GBB) - Black [Golden Eagle]

SKU: 3301

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