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Constructed with durable polymer material, this high-capacity drum magazine by [BattleAxe]( boasts a 2000-round capacity, minimizing the need for frequent reloads on the field and ensuring sustained firepower during intense airsoft battles. Equipped with a The canvas covering adds a touch of realism to its appearance, enhancing the overall authenticity.
Powered with a 9v battery (non included)for power, this magazine offers three selectable winding modes to suit different tactical situations. The sound control mode enables the winding mechanism to respond to the gearbox's operation, ensuring a synchronized and efficient feeding of BBs. The "always on" mode allows for continuous winding, while the "always off" mode conserves power when a high-capacity magazine is not immediately necessary.
Designed specifically for T8 A&K MK46 Airsoft AEG rifles only, this drum magazine from BattleAxe combines durability, high capacity, and versatile winding modes to provide airsoft enthusiasts with a reliable and realistic feeding solution for their AEG rifles on the battlefield.
# The set includes:
- Box magazine
- Canva cover
- Fake ammunition belt

2000rd Electric Box Magazine T8 MK46 - Olive [BattleAxe]


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