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1911 Pistol in the golden color variant - An icon that has been inspiring firearm enthusiasts and airsoft enthusiasts for decades, much like well-known figures such as Elvis Presley, Saddam Hussein, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had these pistols in their collections.
For collectors and historical reenactors, this replica is a true gem. Its Full Metal construction and realistic blowback system transport us back in time to the era when the 1911 pistol served on the battlefields. It's like a journey through time that allows us to experience the authentic sensations of those days.
Since its debut in 1911, this model has gained not only recognition but also legendary status. It served in pivotal conflicts as a reliable tool. Today, it still captivates with its design and craftsmanship, evoking admiration and respect.
Additionally, if you want to learn firearm handling, this 1911 pistol replica is an ideal tool for learning. Its operation closely resembles that of a real firearm, enabling you to master basic skills and understand the mechanics of this iconic design.
The 1911 pistol is not just a replica; it's also an engaging journey through history and an opportunity for learning, all while maintaining complete safety. Therefore, adding it to your collection or using it as an educational tool is highly worthwhile.
# The set includes:
? 1911 gold pistol replica with a unique serial number
? 20-round magazine for Green Gas

1911 pistol replica with Gas Blowback (GBB) - Gold [Golden Eagle]

SKU: 3305GD

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