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1911 Pistol - A genuine gem for collectors and historical reenactment enthusiasts, as well as an excellent choice for those looking to master firearm handling. This replica not only mirrors the legendary design but also pays homage to the iconic heritage of the 1911 pistol.
For collectors and historical reenactors, this replica is a true treasure. Its Full Metal construction and realistic blowback system give it an authentic look and feel, transporting us back to the days when the 1911 pistol served on battlefields.
Since its debut in 1911, this model has gained not only recognition but also legendary status. It was used in pivotal conflicts and proved itself as a reliable tool of service. Today, its construction and design continue to inspire admiration and respect.
Furthermore, for those eager to learn firearm handling, the 1911 pistol replica serves as an excellent educational tool. Its operating mechanism closely resembles that of a real firearm, allowing for the mastery of basic skills and an understanding of the functions of this iconic design.
The 1911 pistol is not just a replica; it is an invitation to history and an opportunity for learning, all while maintaining full safety. Therefore, adding it to your collection or using it for educational purposes is highly worthwhile.
# The set includes:
? 1911 replica with a unique serial number
? 20-round magazine for Green Gas

1911 pistol replica with Gas Blowback (GBB) - Black [Golden Eagle]

SKU: 3305

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