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The TTI JW2 is a licensed replica of the AR15 rifle, manufactured by Taran Tactical Innovations. This rifle model gained significant popularity due to its appearance in the movie John Wick 2. In the film, we can see the main character wielding this gun in various dynamic action scenes. The replica has been meticulously crafted to replicate the details and appearance of the original John Wick rifle. This allows players to immerse themselves in the role of Baba Yaga, recreating some of the incredible moments from the movie during airsoft games.

The TTI rifle, resulting from the collaboration between renowned airsoft brands CYMA and EMG  perfectly aligns with the reputation of both manufacturers. Cyma, known for its high quality, innovation, and affordable prices, contributed to the solid foundation of this full-metal model. On the other hand, EMG, with its recognition and commitment to introducing new firearms-inspired products to the market, added unique details and authenticity such as the full Taran Tactical Innovations markings on the upper and lower receiver. The replica is also marked with a unique serial number.

The airsoft John Wick AR15 features an exceptionally slim 13.5-inch aluminum handguard, compatible with the KEYMOD standard, precision-machined using CNC. It provides the capability to mount dedicated At the top of the upper receiver, similar to the handguard, there is a Picatinny rail system, which serves as an ideal platform for mounting. The functional bolt catch system allows the dummy bolt to be held in the open position, providing easy access to the hop-up adjustment. The reinforced polymer 6-position stock is equipped with QD sling attachment points on both sides and a convenient storage compartment for the battery.

The TTI AEG rifle, in the E-EDITION HIGH-SPEED configuration, impresses with a muzzle velocity of approximately 320 fps. When combined with a LiPo battery, it delivers a rate of fire of around 25 rounds per second (RPS) and a faster trigger response. To protect the entire electrical system, a MOSFET is incorporated along with low-resistance wiring and a T-Connect (DEANS) plug. The mechanism incorporates parts of exceptional durability, including:
· reinforced V2 gearbox frame
· processor unit with built-in MOSFET system
· full steel teeth polycarbonate piston
· CNC machined steel gear set (ratio: 13:1)
· 8mm ball bearings
· CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head)
· ball bearing spring guide
· a high-speed neodymium motor
· metal rotary hop-up chamber

The set includes:
· 14.5" TTI AR-15 replica
· [150-round steel Mid-Cap magazine]

The battery compartment is located in the stock. 

TTI JW2 AR15 Rifle Replica [EMG]

SKU: FB4122

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