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The replica SLR-AK03 of the AK-74 rifle from the new CYMA PLATINUM series is produced under license from the American company SLR Rifleworks, specializing in innovative and new projects for the firearms industry. CYMA PLATINUM AK replicas feature a built-in MOSFET, ROF of approximately 25 rounds per second, and a tracer Hop-Up chamber, providing enhanced shooting experiences in dark environments or during night games. 

The SLR rifle replicas are FULL METAL constructions. The receiver, dust cover, barrel, safety selector lever, sight block, trigger, gas block, bolt carrier, gas tube, and muzzle brake are made of steel and aluminum, increasing the realism of the replica.

# Specifications:
· anodized aluminum 6061 outer barrel with a 6.03mm inner barrel diameter. It is possible to attach a mock suppressor
· licensed 13.5" M-LOK aluminum AK SLR handguard with three integrated Picatinny rails
· stamped steel receiver with dust cover
· polymer pistol grip
· licensed side-folding SLR stock made of aluminum 6061
· polymer magazine
· licensed steel mock SLR muzzle brake with a left-hand thread of 14mm diameter

The SLR-AK03 in the E-EDITION HIGH-SPEED configuration has a muzzle velocity of approximately 390 fps and, when combined with a LiPo battery, a rate of fire of about 25 bbs per second, as well as a faster trigger response. The MOSFET, along with low-resistance wiring and a T-Connect (DEANS) plug, protects the entire electrical system. The gearbox contains parts with increased durability, such as:
· reinforced V3 gearbox frame with quick spring change system
· processor unit with built-in MOSFET system
· full steel teeth polycarbonate piston
· CNC machined steel gear set (ratio: 13:1)
· 8mm ball bearings
· CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head)
· ball bearing spring guide
· high-speed neodymium motor

# The package includes:
· ak slr ak74 replica
· [140-round Mid-Cap magazine]

SLR AK-74 Rifle Replica [CYMA]

SKU: FB4127

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