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The E6906 is a powerful assault rifle, made of reinforced polymer created by a renowned German firearms manufacturer. This unique model uses 7.62 x 51 NATO caliber ammunition, commonly known as .308, and is widely used in elite military units around the world. It functions as a DMR type rifle, available in three different length variants: Assaulter, Recce and Sniper. This is a perfect tool for tasks requiring precision on the battlefield.
The Golden Eagle company is a recognized Chinese manufacturer in the airsoft world, enjoying an excellent reputation. Founded in 2007, it is a leader in the industry of airsoft replicas and related equipment.
It now offers an ASG replica in the 308 - Marksman version, model E6906, entirely made of polymer. There is also a version made of aluminum - [E6902M].
#Modular replica
The E6906 rifle has a construction made entirely of polymer, with the serial number engraved on the left side of the lower. The Golden Eagle company attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used in the production of this replica. The stock, pistol grip and magazine are made of reinforced polymer. The E6902M is equipped with a 13-inch handguard with a standard 22mm Picatinny rail, which allows the installation of a variety of tactical accessories  The manipulators in the replica, such as the fire selector, are ambidextrous, and the bolt catch and magazine release are designed with user comfort in mind. The stock has 6 length adjustment positions and is finished with a cap that can be removed, allowing the battery to be inserted into the stock guide.
#Replica heart
The E6906 airsoft replica requires appropriate mechanisms, which is why Golden Eagle decided to use high-quality parts. Inside there is a dedicated long type gearbox V2 with quick spring replacement and mosfet, compliant with the TM standard. The gearbox is equipped with steel gears with a standard gear ratio of 18:1. Compression is provided by a long Type 0 cylinder, and the piston has metal teeth for increased durability. Precision is ensured by a barrel with a diameter of 6.04 mm. It is worth paying attention to the mosfet that was installed in this replica. It plays a key role in improving the efficiency and durability of the system. Minimizing electrical power losses, protection against overvoltages, reducing wear of internal contacts, and monitoring the battery condition are the main benefits of its use. In short, a mosfet is a key electronic component that increases the efficiency and extends the life of an airsoft replica, which is of great importance to airsoft enthusiasts.
#The set includes:
? E6906 rifle
? Hicap magazine for 400 bbs
? A set of sights

Replica karabinu DMR E6906 - Black [Golden Eagle]

SKU: E6906

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