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A long-awaited replica of ARMY ARMAMENT's 1911 Sandstorm already on sale. The aim of ARMY was to The eagerly anticipated reproduction of ARMY ARMAMENT's 1911 Sandstorm is now available for purchase. ARMY's objective was to introduce a product tailored to customers seeking a pistol with dependable combat attributes, an extended range, accurate projectile trajectory, and impactful force, while also boasting an aesthetically pleasing appearance that embodies precision, finesse, and construction durability.
? Full Metal Build - reinforced slide and pistol frame, adapted for compatibility with CO2 magazines
? Realistic Blowback System - offers the most authentic action among GGB replicas on the market
? Enlarged Magazine - accommodates 30 rounds and features a base pad for swift, seamless, and confident reloading
? Extended Magazine Release - facilitates quick magazine changes without altering your grip on the pistol, particularly advantageous for those with smaller to medium-sized hands
? Fiber Optic Sights - enables swift and precise sight alignment, expediting aiming under adverse conditions
? Ambidextrous Thumb Safety - enables slide lock without modifying your grip on the pistol
? Streamlined Magwell - facilitates rapid reloads
? Dynamic Textured Pistol Grips with Finger Groove Insert - enhances grip and control of the firearm in various atmospheric conditions during shooting
? Integrated Frame Rail - provides the capability to attach a tactical flashlight in dim lighting situations
? Thread Adapter - facilitates mounting a suppressor or tracer with a 14mm CCW thread
? Laser-Engraved Unique Serial Number
? Reinforced Cold-Resistant Polymer Nozzle - a novel nozzle design ensures an improved seal, resulting in consistent shot force and heightened mechanical resilience to damage. Its exceptional durability allows seamless collaboration with both Green Gaz and CO2 magazines.
? Wear and Cold-Resistant Sealed Rubber - composed of a silicone compound, it maintains a secure seal even in low temperatures.
? Sealed Next-Generation Magazine Valves - significantly enhances magazine loading convenience, diminishes gas consumption, and ensures a secure and smooth operation of the entire replica.
As previously, all internal components are constructed from metal to confer remarkable resilience and robustness upon the replica.
Moreover, the hop-up chamber, also crafted from metal, incorporates adjustability, enhancing durability and enabling the refinement of the projectile's flight trajectory.
Set Includes:
? R32 "1911 Sandstorm" replica
? 30rd Green Gas Extended Magazine

R32 Sandstorm [Army Armament]

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