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The replica is an exact representation of the sharp counterpart, which is used as a sniper rifle in 80% of units worldwide, including the US Navy SEALs and US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), as well as our Polish Grom unit.
Also known as MK11 mod 0, it's equipped with an RIS rail and a QD-type sound suppressor. The body, stock pad, outer barrel, foldable flip-up sights, and RIS rail are all made of metal.
The RIS rail is CNC machined, ensuring quality comparable to renowned manufacturers like CA, G&P.
#External Features:
-20-inch lightweight aluminum barrel with a precise 6.03mm inner barrel
-12-inch Picatinny rail handguard
-7.62 chamber with a Picatinny mounting rail made of lightweight alloys
-7.62 trigger chamber made of lightweight alloys
-Polymer pistol grip
-Set of foldable sights
-Single-fire mode selector
-Steel magazine
-QD sound suppressor dummy
-Fixed stock with space for a battery and sling attachment point

MK11 mod 0 semi-automatic rifle replica [A&K]


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