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The latest Ghost Patrol Rifle SDU2.0 eSilver Edge. The 'GHOST' logo has been engraved on the trigger chamber and on the drop window cover, making the carbine awe-inspiring to opponents. It features an electronic "Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit" trigger with an in-built programmable Mosfet system that provides instant response to trigger pull.

5 different modes are available.
Press and hold the button, which is located on the outside of the gearbox, accessed via the magazine slot.
You will see a red LED light, hold until you see it flash 2 times - release the button to accept the changes. Repeat the action to continue changing modes.

Mode 1 - Safe -Semi -Auto (default)
Mode 2 - Safe -Semi -3xBurst
Mode 3 - Safe -2xBurst -Auto
Mode 4 - Safe -3xBurst -Auto
Mode 5 - Safe -3xBurst -9xBurst
Pressing the button twice or disconnecting the battery at any time resets the ECU back to factory settings (mode 1)

The electronic chip is replaceable, repair is easy and friendly. The chip is programmed to protect the gearbox.
This eSilver Edge gearbox has been specifically designed for an electric trigger and has been reinforced at critical points - around the cylinder head and spring guide.
The piston has metal teeth and works with reinforced gears (The piston gear has a magnet that controls the electronic trigger).
The parts are TM-compatible, which means that individual components (apart from the piston pinion) can be replaced if required.

The eSilver Edge gearbox works perfectly with batteries from 7.4V to 12.5V - LiPo READY! Current is always a stable 11A at any voltage between 7.4V and 12.5V.
The low and stable current draw ensures slower battery discharge, and extends the life of the circuit.
Based on our tests, the trigger response time is just 0.02 sec. The short trigger stroke makes it incredibly fast.

Key features of the Ghost Patrol Rifle SDU2.0 eSilver Edge:
· Internal barrel diameter: 6.03mm
· Hi-Cap magazine: 300bb
· Double-sided fire selector and magazine release
· Evo Tech MLOCK 10" bed
· CRS telescopic flask
· Phantom sights
· Quick-change spring system,
· Polished gearbox frame
· Used 8mm ball bearing, piston bearing head and bearing-mounted spring guide
· Mirco switch for instant trigger response
· Quick Change spring guide has 4 locking tabs instead of 2, which distinguishes it from the existing guide on the market, which additionally secures the spring during shooting
· SDU2.0 programmable MOSFET system that cuts power when current draw is too high
· Metal frame of the replica

Ghost Patrol Rifle SDU2.0 eSilver Edge - black [APS]

SKU: 2E122