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Licensed airsoft replica of the well-known Belgian subcompact carbine FN SCAR-SC, produced by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. The SCAR-SC is one of the most recognizable and iconic firearm models manufactured by FN Herstal. Its distinctive design and compact size make it ideal for use by special forces and counter-terrorism units in hostage rescue operations and Close-quarters combat (CQC). 

The CYMA replica of the SCAR-SC, licensed by CYBERGUN, is an exact reproduction of the original model. The collaboration between these two companies has resulted in a licensed model that offers good-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. This allows both airsoft enthusiasts and firearm collectors to enjoy owning this renowned replica, whether they engage in airsoft sports or simply appreciate unique firearm replicas.

Similar to the original SCAR, the replica is primarily made of aluminum and polymer. The upper receiver, barrel, stock, rail systems, and other smaller components are made of aluminum and other metal alloys, while the lower receiver, pistol grip, and stock pad are made of polymer. The FN SCAR CQC rifle was designed as an ambidextrous weapon to meet the requirements of special forces and provide reliability and mobility during military operations. The airsoft SCAR-SC follows suit, featuring an ambidextrous fire selector lever, an ambi magazine release, sling attachment points, and a reversible charging handle. Other notable features include a telescopic stock with three-length positions and Picatinny rail systems for attaching tactical accessories such as [optical sights][flashlights], and [foregrips]

Internal mechanism of an AEG with a velocity of approximately 350 fps and, when combined with a LiPo battery, a rate of fire of about 15 bbs per second, along with a faster trigger response. To protect the electrical system, a MOSFET is employed along with low-resistance wiring and a T-Connect (DEANS) plug. The mechanism also incorporates components such as a reinforced V2 gearbox skeleton with quick spring change system, processor unit with built-in MOSFET system, and 18:1 ratio steel gears mounted on 8mm bushings.

The package includes:
· FN SCAR full auto airsoft replica
· [400-round Hi-Cap magazine]

FN SCAR-SC Subcompact Carbine Replica [Cybergun]

SKU: FB4120

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