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CM.032 EBR black style. The replica is made of plastic and metal. The body, RIS rails, outer barrel, mechanical sights, the guide flask and the majority of small parts made of metal.
Made of plastic were produced; multi-position stock, pistol grip and front grip cover.
A replica of the flask is equipped with a rechargeable battery SF housing.
RIS rails for mounting various external accessories such as the laser pointer, flashlight, bipod or vertical grip tactical.
You can use a telescope or red dot sights.
Manufacturer has applied V.7 gearbox.
Long barrel provides excellent concentrate and coverage.
CM.032 EBR is a perfect replica of extraordinary appearance, with broad capabilities for users.


Set Included:

* magazine hi-cap - 400rd
* accumulator NiMH 8,4V 1200 mAh with starting warranty
* charger with starting warranty

CM.032 EBR black style [CYMA]

SKU: FB3359

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