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The AT-AK12-PE is a compact version of the Russian automatic rifle replica from the latest Arcturus PE (Performance Enhanced) series, featuring an additional 2-Round Burst Mode.

The primary components, including the receiver, receiver cover, receiver cover latch, safety lever, trigger, trigger guard, magazine latch, bolt carrier, folding stock latch, gas tube, gas port block, front sight base, folding rear sight, and flash hider, are constructed from steel, resembling those found in actual firearms. Smaller parts, such as the outer barrel, are made of lightweight aluminum and alloys. The entire rifle is meticulously assembled and protected against corrosion. The buttstock, pistol grip, magazine, and handguard are crafted from reinforced polymer.

The PE mechanism introduces a new reinforced gearbox that is fully compatible with Marui parts and ETU by GATE/PERUN. It includes a Quick Spring Change System, eliminating the need to pull out and open the gearbox for spring changes. The gearbox also incorporates a bearing spring guide and a bearing piston head, along with a full steel teeth polycarbonate piston. CNC 13:1 Steel Machined Gears with a rate of fire of approximately 25rps are mounted on 8mm ball bearings, ensuring smooth power transfer from the motor to the piston gear, which is installed on a bushing to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with a High-End Optical PERUN MOSFET, offering various features such as Alternative Fire Mode, Active Brake, Pre-Cocking, ROF Reduction, Trigger Sensitivity, Progressive Trigger, Binary Trigger, Switchable Li-Po Alarm, Electronic Fuse, Diagnostic System, and Adjustable Trigger Stop.

The replica also includes a CNC POM nozzle with an O-ring, designed to work seamlessly with a Rotary Hop-Up Chamber for AK, a PCP Grade Precision Inner Barrel, and mechanical adjustment of the trigger stroke. The latest innovation is the 21TPA High-Torque Neodymium Motor with MIM steel pinion gear.

NOTE! The battery is located under the receiver cover. To access it, remove the handguard latch and slide the receiver cover to the rear before completely disassembling it.

The kit includes:
· replica with a unique serial number
· folding rear sight
· 30/130rds DMAG variable-capacity magazine

AT-AK12K-PE 2-Burst Mode Ready [Arcturus]


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