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The AT-AK12K-ME stands as the most recent iteration of the Russian automatic rifle replica hailing from the novel Arcturus ME (Mosfet Enhanced) series.

Key components, encompassing the receiver, receiver cover, receiver cover latch, safety lever, trigger, trigger guard, magazine latch, bolt carrier, foldable stock latch, gas tube, gas port block, front sight base, foldable rear sight, and flash hider, akin to those found in firearms, have been constructed using steel. Smaller constituents, including the outer barrel, have been forged from aluminum and lightweight alloys. The entire rifle boasts meticulous fitting and anti-corrosion safeguards. The buttstock, pistol grip, magazine, and handguard are all crafted from fortified polymer.

The PE mechanism involves a fresh robust gearbox furnished with a Quick Spring Change System (omitting the need to extract and open the gearbox), equipped with a bearing spring guide, a bearing piston head, a polycarbonate piston with full steel teeth, and 18:1 Steel Machined Gears set on 8mm ball bearings to seamlessly transmit power from the motor to the piston gear, placed on a bushing to withstand even the most demanding loads. Additionally, the gearbox is outfitted with an "micro-switch" electric trigger and a new MOSFET, which enhances the rifle's firing rate and trigger response, and safeguards against contact burnout. The replica also incorporates a sealed nozzle harmonizing effectively with a new AK rotary hop-up chamber and a 6.01mm precision barrel. The latest advancement is a 24k high-performance neodymium motor featuring an MIM steel pinion gear.

CAUTION! The battery is positioned beneath the receiver cover. Access is achieved by removing the handguard latch. Subsequently, the receiver cover must be slid rearward and fully disassembled.

The kit includes:
· replica with a unique serial number
· folding rear sight
· 30/130rds DMAG variable-capacity magazine
· 500rd DMAG hi-cap magazine

AT-AK12K Mosfet Enhanced [Arcturus]


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