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The AT-CAT-03 is an electric airsoft 10" AR-15 assault rifle from the ARC X C.A.T. (Combat Artisan Tactical) with a split gearbox series, thanks to which the replica can be disassembled in half like a real M4 carbine to get inside the inner mechanism. 

Durable full metal construction in which the main elements such as the upper and lower receiver, handguard, outer barrel, flash hider, gas block, charging handle and the side-folding buffer tube are made of aluminum and other metal alloys. Smaller parts, including the safety selector lever, magazine release, bolt catch, forward assist, receiver extension nut, pins and trigger, just like in AR15 firearms, are made of steel. The whole body is well-fitted and protected against corrosion.

The internal mechanism is a reinforced ARC V2 Centaur Split Gearbox with a QSR2 quick change spring system, ball bearing spring guide, ball bearing piston head, CNC stainless steel cylinder and a polymer piston with steel teeth that work with high-quality 18:1 gears. Sintered steel gear set are mounted on 8mm steel bushings to be able to cope with the highest loads. Only the bevel gear is mounted on ball bearings to ensure that it is free to spin at high speeds. Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with an electric trigger "micro-switch", MOSFET (thanks you will get a higher rate of fire of the rifle and a faster trigger response, and prevent burnout of contacts) and mechanically adjustable Precocking (faster shot after pressing the trigger, thanks to the pre-stretched piston spring) with a specially designed 12 positions sector gear (360° Manual Adjustment). The airsoft AR-15 AEG also features a sealed nozzle that works great with an easy-to-use rotary hop-up chamber and with a 6.02mm precision barrel with a length of 250mm. The latest innovation is a 24k high-performance neodymium motor with MIM steel pinion gear. Thanks to this configuration, the AEG works without any problems and has a BB muzzle velocity ~320 fps, and with a LiPo battery, a rate of fire +20rps.

# The kit includes:
· airsoft m4 carbine
· front and rear folding sight set
· [30/130rds variable-cap magazine]

ARC X C.A.T. Explorer 10" AR-15 AEG rifle [ARCTURUS]


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