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Airsoft special edition of the legendary AKS-74U carbine for true collectors. The carbine has been hand-aged to look like a weapon that has been used in many battles. 

# Airsoft gun feel as a real firearm

Thanks to a compact design, short barrel, and folding stock, this AK-74 airsoft gun is ideal for fighting at short distances and in confined spaces. The AEG has a blow-back system that emits the movement of a bolt carrier when firing, as **in a real firearm**.

AKS-74U airsoft rifle in the full metal version with a steel receiver with a cover, frame stock and handguard of real wood. It has an individual serial number engraved on the receiver. The barrel ended with a muzzle device that can be unscrewed and put on interchangeably,# Well-known Silver Edge v3 gearbox

The airsoft AK 74 submachine gun is equipped with the well-known Silver Edge v.3 gearbox, which is characterized by reliability and high durability. It has a quick change spring system, thanks to which we can easily adjust the power of the replica to the rules of airsoft gameplay. Inside the gearbox, there are steel gears mounted on 8mm ball bearings, a piston with steel teeth, a ball bearing piston head, a ball bearing spring guide, an aluminum sealed nozzle, and low-resistance wiring. The inner barrel is 290mm long and diameter of 6.03mm. All parts are well-fitted to secure the mechanism while firing. The gearbox shell is additionally protected against corrosion. The carbine has an adjustable hop-up, which is responsible for a better range of the airsoft gun. Internal parts are compatible with TM standard parts.

# Compatible with stick-type airsoft batteries

The space for the battery is located under the receiver cover. We suggest buying STICK-type batteries with a Tamiya plug, e.g. # In the set we get

· Compact APS AKS-74U ASK205 Airsoft Blowback Carbine
· Hi-Cap Polymer Magazine for 300 BBs

AKS-74U ASK205 Battle Worn Airsoft Carbine [APS]


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