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Airsoft collector's edition of the Russian AK 74 assault rifle. The airsoft rifle has been manually aged to look like a weapon that was used during many conflicts and skirmishes. Thanks to solid construction and longer barrel, it is ideal for mid-range combat in forest and urban areas. The electric rifle has a blow-back system that simulates the work of the bolt carrier, similar to firearms during shooting. @@@

The upper receiver and cover are made of steel - the rest of elements are made of other metal alloys. The AK 74 toy gun, like the original, has a handguard and a stock made of real wood. An individual serial number was engraved on the receiver. The muzzle device on the barrel is removable and can be replaced, 

The internal mechanism is the Silver Edge v.3 gearbox, well-known for reliability and durability. Thanks to a quick change spring system, we can easily adjust the power of the carbine to the rules of the game. Inside the mechanism, there are steel gears mounted on 8mm ball bearings, a piston with steel teeth, a ball bearing piston head, a ball bearing spring guide, an aluminum sealed nozzle, and low-resistance wiring. The inner barrel is 490mm long and has a precise diameter of 6.03mm. All parts are well-matched and compatible with other TM parts. The gearbox shell is additionally protected against corrosion. An adjustable hop-up system is responsible for the good range of the rifle.

Install the battery under the receiver cover. Matching STICK-type batteries with Tamiya plug, e.g.: 
# The set includes
· AK 74 ASK201 Airsoft Blowback Rifle by APS
· 300 BBs Hi-Cap polymer magazine

AK-74 ASK201 Battle Worn Airsoft Rifle [APS]


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