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The 779S is undoubtedly one of the largest and hardest-kicking airsoft pistols actually on the market. Produced but the well know Chinese brand Double Bell.@@@
# A high-end manufacturer
Double Bell is a well know Chinese airsoft rifle manufacturer, they offer high-end airsoft rifles and pistols, and Double Bell gives important attention to the quality of material that is used for the production of airsoft rifles. These features guarantee a more realistic looking.
# A well-known pistol gun
The 779s is a 1:1 scale green gas-powered airsoft pistol replica of the famous Israeli gun chambered in .50 caliber. This pistol has a full polymer construction, this aspect offers a lightweight gun but with a very hard kick of the slide, which provides a strong feeling during each shoot. All manipulators are working like on the original pistol, you can find an ambidextrous security lever located on the slide and an enlarged release magazine catch. On the lower of the frame is engraved a unique serial number.
# A Green gas airsoft pistol
The pistol is provided with a special large-capacity gas magazine with 27 bbs which produces a powerful blowback All internal parts are reinforced and the valves are modified so that the gas consumption is the lowest but keeps the best performance. The 779S has a hop-up regulation.
# Set included:
? airsoft pistol 779S
? [Green gaz magazine 27 bbs]

779S GBB Airsoft Pistol (Green gas) [Double Bell]

SKU: 779S

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